View Full Version : Edward Weston - Photography and Modernism at the Phillips Collection, Washington, DC

Chad Jarvis
28-May-2002, 15:06
Edward Weston <i>Photography and Modernism</i will be exhibited at The Ph illips Collection, Washington, DC from June 1 until August 18, 2002 and will fea ture some 140 photographs, including some by Stieglitz, Modotti, Sheeler and Bre tt Weston. The Phillips Coll ection: Special Exhibitions (http://www.phillipscollection.org/html/exhibits.html) Enjoy.

Chad Jarvis
28-May-2002, 15:09
</i></b>Good God...What do I do for a living?

Adrian Ng'asi
28-May-2002, 16:10

I saw the ads in the subway and will not miss. I was in Chicago sometime at the end of last year and saw an exhibit of EW at the Art Institute but was not impressed. The exhibit was not well done, the room was relatively dark and the prints were too many for a very small space, I hope at the Phillips it will be a bit different. I will check it out on the second week of the exhibit - I have been on openings at the gallery and it is not the place you want to share with the crowds - a bit too small for such a personality as EW.

28-May-2002, 18:42
I made a special trip to Chicago last October for the Weston exhibit. It was a really miserable presentation, with not enough light and too many prints crowded together. Also note, it was not exactly Weston's golden years. In short: it stank! Hope the Phillips does better.

28-May-2002, 21:13
Help. I'm a dummy and dont know how to turn the italics off.

let me third the disappointing conditions under which the Chicago Weston exhibit suffered. This is par for the course for the CAI, they had an equally disappointing History of Photography show 2 years ago with prints by many masters. I'd love to see the Ansel Adams show thats there now, but I'm not driving 500 miles again just to squint and ask people if I can borrow their flashlight.

28-May-2002, 21:17
I should add that I didnt think the Weston show was a total loss, as there were (only) a couple prints printed by EW, one of Charis that stands out in my memory, that really glowed. And while his later work may not be quite as spectacular as his earlier, its still better than most.

30-May-2002, 00:10
Just a side note, Wayne the Ansel Adams show is being held in a different hall than the Weston show (it was very dark) and the presentation is a lot better. Expect a little jostling with the crowd but it's worth it - I went twice!

jesse crocker
30-May-2002, 18:57
There is also a show of Edward Weston's work going at the San Francisco Museum o f Modern art right now. The theme is "the latter years in carmel." It's a good show.

30-May-2002, 19:13
Duncan Philips' Collection is one of my favorite galleries on this earth. A great place to view great art. Someone please post a review.