View Full Version : diaphragm opening of 90mm f/8.0 Super Angulon at f/8

Todd West
28-May-2002, 14:30
I just picked up a used 90mm f/8.0 Super Angulon in Copal 0 (11,553,361, made in 1971, not multicoated, Copal S type shutter). It's in great shape overall, but the diaphragm impinges just slightly on the central opening of the lens at f/8. Opening up about a quarter stop past the f/8 mark removes the diaphragm from v iew. Is this normal, or have the markings on shutter somehow gotten rotated by a quarter of a stop?

Tony Galt
28-May-2002, 16:17
Mine is the same. At f/8 you see the diaphragm leaves. Mine is also of about the same vintage.

28-May-2002, 16:35
Mine is a '88 multicoated and is the same....

28-May-2002, 16:44
My 90mm f/8 SA is the same. I bought it brand new one month ago.

Todd West
28-May-2002, 18:35
Well, this seems conclusive. Thanks!

Bob bFrancis
28-May-2002, 20:24
Just to hammer it home some more - same on my 18 month old 90mm f/8.0 Super Angulon in Copal 0....