View Full Version : Johnson"CUTPLATE" Developing Tank

Ole Tjugen
25-May-2002, 13:17
One of these came in my door today, together with a lot of other LF stuff. Probl em is, I don't know if I have all the parts, or what I need, and how I'm suppose d to use it...

It's a black (bakelite?) tank, about 7" x 2" x 5", with a lid on. The lid has a filling hole, and on the othere side there's a "development calculator" sort of thing.

Removing the lid, there's a light trap, a container with two (I presume) film ho lder inserts in, and a separate continuation of the filling hole.

The inserts fit into any of 7 slots inside tank, and have one side with 6 straig ht slots, and one with 6 "S"-shaped ones. A sheet of 5x4" film fits nicely into these slots at max. distance, but not quite tightly enouhg that I would trust it to stay in plae with chemicals sloshing about in there.

Speaking of sloshing, I tried filling the whole thing with water and turning it upside down to see how much would spill out. A lot did, even when just tilting i t gently, so I don't quite see how it could keep enough chemicals inside to get a reasonably even development?

Any suggestions welcome...

Ole Tj.