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29-Sep-2011, 00:21
Well it wasn't too hard. I think I did a good job at making a round hole bigger to mount the flange on a aluminum Cambo board. I almost had a problem, the cable release hits the side of the front standard at tilt pivot point. Well it would of if I indexed the lens completely horizontal, it's mounted at a slight turn counter clockwise to let the release slip under the tilt pivot.

Man it looks big ion that camera, makes my Nikkor W 135 look like a pentax 110a lens.

I played with it for a while then had to leave. I have enough bellows to handle that lens. Wide open at infinity the measurement from the Ground glass to the nodal point is 14". Imagine that.

Is a star at infinity, just kidding. I didn't get to play with my camera again until night time, from when I first mounted the lens. So I used the stars to measure the bellows at infinity.

Here this what the beast of a lens looks like my 4x5. I think a smaller 300mm will live on that camera some other day (like when I finish my 8x10 restoration), for now I will have to make due with this one, ;)


Nice big hole, Hand tools still function if you really need to get it done. I was sure missing my Mill with I was doing this new hole.


The flange fits perfect.

29-Sep-2011, 00:30
See mom no slop in the flange to board. Took more time than it should of.
See why I had to mount it slightly Counter clockwise ( the cable release would never of fit. Test fitment is mandatory before you drill any holes in a lens board. Unless you like tape and junk blocking light after you have to re drill it.

And sweet transfer of light to my ground glass. See that nice swirl starting to happen at the back of the car where it goes from red to purple.


I cant wait to make some portraits with this lens. Hopefully I will have some fresh film this week.

29-Sep-2011, 01:04
Nice job on enlarging the hole, akfreak. What tools did you use?

29-Sep-2011, 01:29
A Bosch Jig Saw, Blue tape, grease to cut aluminum without gumming up the blade. Then a nice fat pneumatic drum sanding head and a flap wheel sander on a drill press to sand it to the final size. I first marked it with a compass to scribe a perfect circle. Time consuming and messy but do it outside away from everything and use a shop vac to suck up all the dust.

I am sure there are better ways but this is how I did it with my tools at home.

30-Sep-2011, 09:14
Rotate the flange 90-degrees and the cable release will come out the top.

30-Sep-2011, 10:52
Or turn the standard back to front and have the lens out in front of the entire assembly. Apart from the knobs being different on the front and back standards, i haven't found a reason not to do this.

4-Oct-2011, 10:18

Wonderful job! Makes me want to find a 15" Ektar Commercial for my Cambo 4x5! :) That's one lens board you don't want to release from the front standard without having a hand on it! :)


4-Oct-2011, 10:41
as I do a lot of graphic 23 lens boards I use http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2289712

MOD Nibbler 29524 Metal Cutting Tool $10.99

4-Oct-2011, 19:40
I feel inspired!

Kent in SD

5-Oct-2011, 04:58
Ak check out ebay # 320769670817
I bet that is yours in the picture under all the plagerized copy

13-Nov-2011, 00:37
I looked at the listing it looks like my lens. Why would that person put that image at the end of that horrific listing.