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peter koning
24-May-2002, 06:36
I want to have some color-neg film on the shelf, in case I need it.I have no exp erience in color nore a specific purpose right now. Kodak and fuji are rather ex pensive and Agfa offers 40% lower in price. What are your experiences with Agfa Optima 100.Could it be considered as an all- purpose film, an therefore good to have it around might it be neccesary to use c olor.

Brian C. Miller
24-May-2002, 09:38
My only experience with Agfa is with MF. It's a good film, and I haven't had any bad experiences with it.

Dick Deimel
24-May-2002, 10:01
Agfa Optima II 100 is an excellent film, neutral colors, clean whites. Unfortunately, it isn't available in 4x5.

Bob bFrancis
24-May-2002, 11:26
As Peter appears to be in the Netherlands from his email address, it may be available there - it appears to be available in the UK in 5x4 size from: www.silverprint.co.uk/colf7.html. They will ship outside the UK if you can't get it locally.

However, I have abolutely no idea what Optima 100 is actually like...


David Karp
24-May-2002, 12:06

I have used it in 120. Like other Agfa films, it is not as saturated as some of the Fuji and Kodak films. The colors are more towards the natural. It is a nice film. No complaints. If it was available here in 4x5, I would use it from time to time.

neil poulsen
24-May-2002, 22:06
I've very pleased to see that it's still available. What's going on that people discontinue films in a country to size of the U.S.?

I used and liked it a lot while still available. I only have about 40 sheets left, and I've been bemoaning the "fact" that it was no longer available.

What attracted me to the film in the first place for 4x5 was Agfa's claim that it was balanced for daylight, not just flash and skin tones. I used it for landscape.

F. William Baker
25-May-2002, 12:00
I agree that Optima 100 is a great film. I've only got 2 boxes of 4x5 left since it's not available in the US now. I'm going to write a nasty letter to AGFA. I've been using their products since the 60's as my main choice of photo supplier. 1st they did away with Brovira # 6, then APX 25, now paper selection in B&W is getting limited. It appears that the only 4x5 film still available in the US is RSX 100 chrome, again which is my primary chrome when I need accurate not overly saturated true color. It's a pity that AGFA is trimming the line.


peter koning
27-May-2002, 02:15
Thank you all for your remarks about Agfa optima 100. Indeed its available in 4x5 here in the Netherlands. From another source I understand that the film is in the "discontinuated stage". Most posters are positive about its characteristics so I'll buy some. I'll check the exp.date. I also mail Agfa about the discontinuation. you never know; one person can make the difference :-)