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28-Sep-2011, 13:13
Hi all,
I've done a few searches but not managed to dig up much definitive information regarding the quality of this lens. To elaborate, I'm wanting to buy a 150mm lens for use on 4x5" and employ moderate movements. I know it has a 210mm image circle, which is plenty for my applications. Just wanting to know really how it compares to, for example, the Schneider 150mm APO-Symmar-S, which KEH tend to sell at around $500 in EX to EX+ condition. The Nikkor-W is usually around $300 in the same condition but I have seen one locally for considerably less. To be honest, I'd be thinking about this lens as an interim purchase as I have an eye to upgrading to modern optics later when money permits.

Please excuse such a boring question... I'm a LF noob, really.


E. von Hoegh
28-Sep-2011, 13:39
Grab the Nikkor if the price is right, say $200 or less; it's a superb lens if in good condition. As a bonus, you won't need to upgrade (unless you want a larger image circle), as you'll have a modern lens.:)

Ken Lee
28-Sep-2011, 14:53
John Sexton (http://www.johnsexton.com/) uses Nikkor lenses, and has used them exclusively since the 1980's. He's not too shabby, and could change if he wanted. I own and have owned several, and they are all superb.

Gem Singer
28-Sep-2011, 15:22
I also use Nikon/Nikkor large format lenses, exclusively.

They are excellent performers. Multi-coated,sharp, and contrasty.

They are "modern optics". Wish they hadn't been discontinued.

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase that 150W.

28-Sep-2011, 15:45
Agree with Gem Singer. Excellent performer, great color (cooler than Schneider), very sharp and contrasty right out to f45. Results at higher magnifications to 1:2 are very good to excellent. Small, light. Large prints exude resolution. If you like the Nikon look (35mm and DSLR), their LF lenses are comparable.

28-Sep-2011, 17:54
I had my Nikkor 150mm for 11 years, and no issues. Great price and great lens!

28-Sep-2011, 20:27
I have several Nikkor and in particular a Nikkor-W 180/5.6. Not the same design of course. I wanted a different focal length to complete 125mm lens plus the 180mm not been a focal length that attracts too many people was less expensive than 150 or 210. To make a story short my lowly 180 is a pleasure to use and sharp to boot so it is a keeper.
So is my Nikkor-M 300/9 but that is a given :-)

If you do not want the Nokkor then I would consider buying it from you :-)

Grab it



karl french
28-Sep-2011, 21:41
Love mine. I keep thinking about other 150mm lenses but I always stick with my Nikkor-W 150. Had it a bit more than 10 years now.

28-Sep-2011, 23:03
Thanks all. Is the general rule that one in EX condition is worth around $200USD then? Seems KEH etc are a bit on the high side, as are the general asking prices on Ebay?

I Am Luna
29-Sep-2011, 03:45
I'm in Japan and just grabbed a Nikkor-W 150/5.6 for about $200.

29-Sep-2011, 12:59
I can't seem to find one for anything near that price now. I missed one locally that went for that, but other stocks seem to have dried up. Back to looking...

Gem Singer
29-Sep-2011, 13:57
You snooze, you loose!

30-Sep-2011, 13:06
Unfortunately so...