View Full Version : Which Softar?

David Nash
22-May-2002, 17:11

I'm sitting here waiting for some computers to reboot, so I thought I'd ask a qu estion! A local dealer has a special offer on Heliopan Zeiss Softar filters, an d I thought I'd try one. I'd like to try it for some portraiture on 5x4" and 10 x8" (platinum prints). I don't know whether to buy the Softar I or Softar II. O r both? Any opinions? If I like the soft focus effect, I might join the queue for the new Cooke portrait lens!

David Nash

John Burke
23-May-2002, 22:02
Depends on the effect you want. I've found that most clients (wedding image buye rs, usually brides & their moms) pick the Softar II images as preferable. If you 're shooting LF, though, don't forget the softness & pleasant flare given by old uncoated lenses... have fun!

24-May-2002, 00:32
howdy david,

i'd take the camera and some film to his shop and try both. i personally own the softar I for my 6 by 7 camera setup. i find it sufficient so far.(no pun intended)


Scott Walton
24-May-2002, 08:29
I too have the 1 and find it sufficient. The 2 to me is nice for a dreamy window light portrait but it is just a little to soft for me...