View Full Version : how to store exposed film in tropic regions

26-Sep-2011, 23:09

a friend of mine asked me how to store exposed film (efke 25) in tropic regions.
he wants to be sure to get no big brick at the end of the journey.

i think a that sheets of paper would help. (but which sort)
and alsu a vacuum device would help.
and not storing too many sheets in one pack.

thanks for other suggestions.

27-Sep-2011, 02:55
When it comes to tropic regions all that is different is the heat and, perhaps, humidity.
Lock&lock plastic cases are watertight and airtight. Desiccant can be enclosed with film. Try to keep the film cool if possible.

27-Sep-2011, 07:10
I believe Efke comes with the interweaving paper between each sheet of film, so I would recommend using them. I have had exposed film damaged by high humidity static discharges from the storing 4x5 film in boxes while on an extended bike tour. A bit more of a bumpy ride than average and for a bit longer time than most people deal with (5 months).

27-Sep-2011, 23:25

thanks for the suggestions.
i know this with the paper betweenthe efkes but i dont think that they really help against the humidity (dont have known the word before thanks) it wil get also wet.
but maybe all suggestions together will help.

@vaughn 5 months is ok and much longer than my 2 months :)

28-Sep-2011, 00:21
Store the film in freezer bags, preferably in a cool location, as mentioned earlier.