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26-Sep-2011, 16:56
If one were to use an "entry level" P25 medium format back with a view camera with wide angle lenses I'm assuming a 35mm lens would be a good angle of view to go with. I'm guestimating it would be about the same as a 90mm lens on 4x5, am I correct?

What view cameras are out there with sliding backs, can take a 35mm digital view camera lens, and still provide some movements?

Are there any of the older 6x7 models that could be found on the used market that can squish in close enough for it to work with a recessed lens board and still have a sliding back?

Daniel Stone
26-Sep-2011, 17:24
a "normal" FL on a 36x48mm sized chip will be around 75mm. So a 90 will be slightly long, probably more akin to a 60mm in 35mm terms.

I would consider a "wide angle" on a MF chip to be in the 47mm and under range.

if you're looking for a view camera, get one with geared movements(or as many as possible geared). It will make things much simpler, and faster. Movements will be vastly smaller with a MF chip vs 4x5 film, so be aware.


Robert Jonathan
29-Sep-2011, 19:24
Sean, look at the Arca Swiss M Line cameras - either the Monolith 6x9 or M Line 2 for MF digital.

Here's a review of the M line 2: http://christopherbarrett.net/blog/?p=800


Sliding backs will be obsolete as soon as Live View on MF backs becomes worth a damn, but you can find them from Kapture Group or you can use a Phase One sliding back on either of the Arca Swiss models.

You'll be able to use down to a 23mm Rodenstock HR lens with these view cameras if the digital back is directly attached to the rear standard with an adapter, and you shoot tethered. I'm not sure about using a sliding back with a 23mm, but it might still be doable. A 35mm digital should be no problem at all, but it's best to consult with Arca sales reps.