View Full Version : TMAX Films, TMAX-RS, Tank Processing?

Sal Favata
26-Sep-2011, 00:03
I've been a 1/2 gallon tank processing guy forever, I get consistent results I want developing 4-6 sheets at a time with TXP or HP5+ using TMAX-RS, replenished.

I've not come across any threads regarding deep tank developing of TMAX sheet films using the TMAX-RS replenisher system. Kodak lists this as an option in their TMAX-RS tech sheet, but maybe this is for higher volumes or for labs?

Is it too problematic in getting consistent results using a replenisher? I'm really bad at math, but using a 1/2 gallon tank for one-shot developing is not cost effective, or is it?

I think I tray processed some sheets about 25 years ago, wasn't crazy about it at the time, but if this is the preferred workflow for small runs of TMAX films, then I'll begin the learning curve. Thoughts?

Roger Cole
26-Sep-2011, 07:30
If it works for you with Tri-X and HP5, why wouldn't it with T-Max?

I have some deep tanks and used them myself until I got a Jobo, but I used straight D76 in them. I now use T-Max RS as my standard developer but I use it 1+7 or 1+6 one shot in the Jobo.

Sal Favata
26-Sep-2011, 14:14
Well, why not TMAX films replenished? Good question. I've had little experience with TMAX film throughout the years, and seemed like it wasn't as forgiving of minor variables in workflow, and to use a replenisher, I thought that may complicate things even further. Which is why I wanted to check with the community at large.

The consensus seems to be using TMAX-RS, one-shot, as you mentioned.

I have confidence using [TMAX-RS replenished, D-23, PMK, Pyro], but wanted to begin experimenting and striving toward consistent results with something I am not familiar with. Most importantly, to explore new visual opportunities.

I've used rotary Jobo systems for years (120mm) and it became 2nd nature. I just did not want to sink $150 into a Jobo 4x5 tank system if I could begin my point-of-departure with something I'm accustomed to using.

As I think all this through, there is probably a longer learning curve with TMAX films?? and requires more of a commitment, especially at $70 per box. Still interested in input. Thanks.

26-Sep-2011, 14:43
Hi Sal,

Kodak says you should be able to develop sixteen 8x10 sheets in a gallon tank of T-Max rs (stock, i.e., working solution) – or in your case, eight 8x10 sheets in a half-gallon tank.

If you’re developing 4x5 sheets, make that 32 sheets in your half-gallon tank.

Then, a decision to toss or replenish. (Me, I’m a replenisher & see consistent results.)

These are general guidelines, and your personal experience might be different. ;^)

Keep in mind that Kodak recommends against using T-Max (non-rs) w/ sheet films.

Sal Favata
26-Sep-2011, 15:13
Thanks. Well this gives me a bit more confidence, and I'll now begin the courtship with TMAX film and TMAX-RS, replenished, in a 1/2 gallon tank.

I think my first goal will be to get consistent results by identically exposing several sheets, develop one-at-a-time, one after another, assess the results, replenish as needed, evaluate.

I'll be glad to post whatever I learn. At present, I'm bummed because I have a broken foot, in a cast, and am homebound for another 2 weeks. So, it will take a few weeks before I post an update.

Any other input is surely welcome. Thanks!