View Full Version : Wollensak 3 1/2in f6.8 lens question

25-Sep-2011, 18:24
Hi everyone, I have Omega 45e camera and I'm in need of an wide angle lens.

I'm still learning about large format camera and I have big question now.

I found this Wollensak 3 1/2in f6.8 lens and just want to make sure that this lens fits on my camera before I buy it.

If anybody knows about this lens, please give some tips.

Thank you for your time :)

25-Sep-2011, 19:55
You should be able to find details by going to Cameraeccentric.com and clicking on the heading for information. Once there, scroll down the many catalog covers until you find the ones for Wollensak and look through them until you find your lens.

Just off the top of my head, unless this lens is designed for 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 film, it should have coverage enough to easily work on your Omega with 4x5 film.

The only other issue would be the possible need for a recessed lens board as this focal length would be a fairly wide angle and might require a closer focusing distance than allowed with a flat board.

25-Sep-2011, 20:01
If this is the 90mm f6.8 Optar or Raptar, it'll cover 4x5 but without much movement. It's reasonably sharp stopped down to f22 or so. I have one that came with my Graphic View - it needs a recessed lensboard on that camera. I find it to be fairly similar to the 90mm f6.8 Angulon.


Jim Jones
25-Sep-2011, 20:13
Wollensak sold this lens for 4x5, although it barely covers that format. Unlike modern lenses with a similar or greater angle of coverage, it is a four element four group formula. Modern wide angle lenses usually have six or more elements, better performance, and better coating. Wollensak recommended that it be stopped down to at least f/11 or smaller for critical definition. That may be optimistic. This was a popular lens decades ago, and should still be useful for much work.

26-Sep-2011, 22:48
I didn't buy that lens. I'll study more about lenses and buy later.

Thank you!