View Full Version : Any (Un)Happy users of the Rodenstock Geronar 300mm f9

sheldon hambrick
16-May-1999, 21:32
A continuation from my earlier post; this is what Ive learned about this lens s o far:

- its one of Rodenstocks discontinued low cost, entry level lenses

- its 3 element, 3 group, multi coated

- it has an image circle of 340mm

Id like to hear any users comments on this lens. Id use it on an 8x10 for bl ack and white contact prints. Im assuming for this application, its performan ce would be more than adequate. Is there any reason why I should think differen tly?


Jan erala
17-May-1999, 12:51
Yes,two. First, you have very limited (practically none) movements with this image circle. Second, the f-stop 9 will not give any bright image on your groundglass. Correspondingly the lens is very light and maybe go inside the camera when folded.