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Dan Kowalsky
28-Mar-2002, 13:35
If any one owns or has knowledge of the Wista SP 4x5 field camera, I have a lens mounting question. If you want to mount a Sch.58mm super angulon XL to this camera, do you require a wide angle bellows, a recessed lens board, both or neither ? Thanks, Dan

28-Mar-2002, 14:15
Hi. I don't know about recessed board, I'd say you need it, for sure you need wide angle bellows. With my 90mm the standard bellows are already very crunched.

andrea milano
30-Mar-2002, 05:34
I doubt you can mount anything shorter than the 65mm, but, Wista has a specific recessed lens panel(very different from other camera builders approach, similar, to my knowledge, only to the Walker camera approach. Have a look on their site or on the site of their importers., it is a very expensive piece of equipment and it is difficult for me to describe, however they are like two lens panels placed one after another with a 4 or 5 cm gap in between and joined by 4 metal cylinders. The part in front attaches to the rear of the front standard, where the bellows would normally do, the back part takes the lens and is attached to a wideangle bellows (essential!). I hope this helps

andrea milano
30-Mar-2002, 05:37
By the way! I omitted saying that I did use the Wista with a 75mm on a Linhof recessed panel, this allows for a 1,5 cm rise (the bellows don't really like it!)

Dan Kowalsky
30-Mar-2002, 13:51
Andrea and Roberto, thanks for your respones.