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John Fink Jr.
24-Sep-2011, 09:12
I realize I'm unleashing a tidal wave here:-)
I'm looking for what's considered a great accurate darkroom scale.
Opinions on the Ohaus scales/ I'm leaning towards a newer model because of the size and ease of use.

Thanks to all for all help rendered!

Merg Ross
24-Sep-2011, 09:47
I use an Ohaus triple beam mechanical balance.

Martin Dake
24-Sep-2011, 09:56
I use an Ohaus triple beam mechanical balance.

Same here.

24-Sep-2011, 09:56
Same here. The Ohaus' scale is accurate to 1/10 gram which is sufficient for practically all photography formulas. Small coffee filters - e.g., the 4-cup size - are ideal for measuring.


Richard Wasserman
24-Sep-2011, 11:22
I use an Ohaus Scout Pro Sp-401 electronic scale. It has a 400 gram capacity, is quick and easy to use, and is also accurate to 0.1g.

D. Bryant
24-Sep-2011, 12:32
I have ab Ohaus triple beam with 1.5K capacity, +/- 0.1g accuracy. I also use an inexpensive electronic scale 0 - 500g capacity, +/- 0.1g accuracy. These are available all day long on eBay for about $20-30. Battery powered.

I you wish to test the accuracy of your scale, a bright new shiny American nickel should weight 4.95 -5.00 g.

Jerry Bodine
24-Sep-2011, 13:30
1970 vintage Ohaus triple beam mechanical, 2610 capacity, +/- 0.1g accuracy, magnetic damping to quickly bring to rest.

John Fink Jr.
24-Sep-2011, 15:37
Thanks everyone. I very much appreciate your help!
What a wonderful group of people in this forum!