View Full Version : Wetplate Glass

John Conway
23-Sep-2011, 23:17
Can anyone tell me where I can get the glass needed for wetplate work.

23-Sep-2011, 23:36
Where abouts are you?

Clear glass I get from my local picture frame supplier. 2mm cut to size in packs of 50.

In the UK black glass is a little more difficult to get hold of at a good price.

23-Sep-2011, 23:50
In the US esp if you're in the NE area, I suggest:

23-Sep-2011, 23:52
I am also looking for a source on glass but black glass in particular. I have been told that the brand I want is Spectrum Black Opal but it seems to come in 3mm instead of the regular 2mm - can this be used for wetplate, and in holders?

24-Sep-2011, 00:07
3mm will fit in my holders.

John Conway
24-Sep-2011, 08:17
I'm located in New York. I would be interested in black glass as well. Not sure about the 3 mm though.

John Conway
24-Sep-2011, 08:24
Wow, that M&M looks great. Since I am preparing myself for Wet Plate, and have not done it yet, I have to make sure I get the right stuff. Now, my camera is full plate.Do I get 8X10?

24-Sep-2011, 10:37
I put an order with mmdistributors yesterday so ill let everyone know how it turns out. Their prices are great esp since delivery is free in my area for orders more than $100. If ur usingle full plate then i guess youll need to adjust the plate size.
On black glass i was am now told of the following source: Designer Glass Works, designerglassworks.com: Catherderal Black Glass 1009 S Comes in 3mm and 2mm -2mm being rxpensive.