View Full Version : Copy Camera as Studio Camera

22-Sep-2011, 10:14
I picked up a 20x24 copy camera for a steal a few months back, the metal that the camera is made from is probably worth more than what I paid for it. That being said, it's 1440 pounds of camera, so it's a fair amount of metal.

I've used copy cameras before for art reproduction and as oversized studio camera for portraiture, and am pretty handy with various flavors of lf and ulf camera. I'm probably going to be sticking to paper negatives and lith film for most of my images, 20x24 hp5 is a little too rich for my blood right now.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these monsters for uses outside of copy work, and any suggestions modifying or dealing with them.

It's a Photoace 260D-ST-LS if anyone is curious.

Robert Hughes
22-Sep-2011, 10:19
Should make for an awesome backpacking setup!

Greg Lockrey
22-Sep-2011, 12:53
Should make for an awesome backpacking setup!

I'd put on some old Gatling Gun wheels and harness a couple of large dogs to haul it around. :rolleyes: