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22-Sep-2011, 07:00
I was recently given a linhof 4x5 camera a Tecknica III I believe. I had intentions of using, but ran into a problem. The lens that's with it has never been mounted on the camera. It's a Zeiss Jena Tessar 3.5 135mm #Nr 1192989 in a compur shutter. The diameter of the rear mounting threads are 55.6mmm and after cutting a lens board to the diameter it appears way to big to mount to the size hole of the bellows. Is their something I am missing to mounting this, and also is this lens even worth mounting? Thanks for any help, maybe I should just go back to the Crown graphic with a Graflex lens.

E. von Hoegh
22-Sep-2011, 07:37
Good lens. Are you using a Linhof lensboard?

22-Sep-2011, 08:57
I modified a linhof board, but the barrel diameter seems so large that the threaded lens ring doesn't allow the lens to go back far enough to fit into the slot?

E. von Hoegh
22-Sep-2011, 09:24
Is the lens centered in the hole in the front standard? It should fit. The Linhof boards require that the lens be mounted below the center of the board.

22-Sep-2011, 09:36
Maybe I'm not doing it correctly, but what happens is that I place the lens into the hole on the board, tighten the threaded lens retainer on the back and then when I attempt to place the lens board on the bellows the hole on the bellows board isn't large enough to allow the ring to pass through. This means that the lens board can't sit flush, so the board can't be placed in the holder.

E. von Hoegh
22-Sep-2011, 09:40
Will the ring fit through by itself? As I said above, the hole in the lensboard must be below center. I really don't know what else to tell you, the lens should fit if properly mounted. Photos would help.

22-Sep-2011, 09:46
I will try and get some photos up later once I'm off work. I certainly appreciate your help BTW.

John Koehrer
23-Sep-2011, 11:28
55.6mm=2.19" is the thread size, the retaining ring approaches 2.5" or over 63mm on the outside dimension.
What's the hole size?

23-Sep-2011, 11:32
The hole size in the bellows is below 55.6mm so the retaining ring pushes against the bellows board. This makes me wonder if this lens is actually for a camera larger than an 4x5?