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Coran Lorden
21-Sep-2011, 16:27
I need help with finding out info about a LF camera. I recently inherited my parents working Mac Van Camera. I believe the it is a 5x7 or 120mm from what i remember my parents calling it. My mom up until 25 yrs ago used to carry it and/or use it to take wedding photos/portraits.
The shutter still fires and the film still indexes but i want to give it a good lookover and make sure its ok from its move from Columbus ,oh to Cleveland, ohio.
Where can i find a manual or anything about its history/value. I only found out that it was made in 1948 by seeing someone else with a pic of one on Flckr.
Please help

Ivan J. Eberle
21-Sep-2011, 16:42
Unusual and might be fairly rare, this 5x7" TLR. There isn't much available besides that Flickr image, but here's a thread from 5 years ago discussing it:

Oren Grad
21-Sep-2011, 17:37
Can you take digital snapshots of the front and back of the camera and post them here? It's not clear from your description whether this is set up for 5x7 use as originally designed or perhaps has been adapted to rollfilm use.

Nathan Smith
22-Sep-2011, 06:06
Found this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/97974762@N00/3128737973/