View Full Version : Kodak Super XX in Kodak Duaflex

20-Sep-2011, 19:43
I just bought some Kodak Super XX film to load into my Duaflex. I loaded the film without issue but I am not seeing any numbers of indicators through the red window telling me when to stop advancing. Are the indicators on the Super XX in a spot on the back of the film that would not line up with the red window on my camera? In other words, is the film made for cameras that have the red window in a different position, say, on the bottom left hand side? Or am I just being paranoid and I should keep advancing it?

Thanks for the help!

20-Sep-2011, 19:52
keep advancing....unless you red window is obscured somehow and you THINK you are seeing through it....you'll know you've gone too far when the film part starts..there will be a definite change in sound and tension when the film portion comes in ...

21-Sep-2011, 00:50
The numbers are all over the film, the position of the red window is dependent on the image area size (i.e. 6x6 red windows are in the middle, 6x9 windows on the left, if I recall correctly). It has a long piece of paper to start with which has some arrows and perhaps lines, but this depends on films. You do have it loaded with the paper towards the back side, right? ;) Just keep on going for a bit.

21-Sep-2011, 06:36
Keep advancing it (even when you feel you've gone too far) and go slow. The number "1" is often hard to see and it is easy to go past it. As "Math" mentioned, there are different "warning patterns" before the numbers start that depends on the film brand, etc. If you see number "2" then you are surely ready to shoot!