View Full Version : 65mm or 47mm for horseman 970 6x9

20-Sep-2011, 12:16
what of this is better bussines: 65mm ER horseman with his board or 47mm schneider (need board),thinking in similar 300 dolars range ?
Any other options in others labels,nikon fuji...?

Kevin M Bourque
20-Sep-2011, 14:46
I don't think a 47mm will focus on a Horseman 6x9. A 65mm will focus, but only if you get the slightly recessed lens board that was made for it.

20-Sep-2011, 14:48
i guess best is 47mm regardless what your aim is to shoot or whatever your target is. still i bet 47 is not bad or preferably 45mm grandagon is even better. (you deserved my stupid answer)

20-Sep-2011, 14:53
I believe to use the 47mm you would need the helical focusing mount and put the front standard "in the body" all the way back. Easier to just buy a Brooks from the start.

The 65mm Horseman lens on the later style recessed lensboard is a great lens that covers 4x5 allows movements.