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19-Sep-2011, 19:42
Any suggestions or pointers for 4X5 camera hard/soft cases which can also hold backs, sheets, lenses etc?

Thanks in advance

Daniel Stone
19-Sep-2011, 20:41
Hey Girish,
What camera, monorail, field(folding) or another kind? Please give us a COMPLETE breakdown of how many lenses(and what size boards they're on), what camera model, any acc's you're gonna include in the case, will it be a hard/soft case? Do you need to fly with it? Do you need to be able to stand on it occasionally(are you too heavy to stand on it, honest question here, not joking)? Does it need to be waterproof?

Welcome to the forum btw! Just FYI, a lot of us here(who are here to help each other out btw, not just bitch and moan ;)) hate "broad, unpointed/indirect" questions. What I mean is, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Its gonna be YOUR case, so we can only give our opinions, we can only really give direct answers if we have some things to go on.



20-Sep-2011, 00:36
One another important question Dan forgot: How long will you carry that bag on what kind of terrain?
Btw mine is a custom-made backpack (quite large, a cambo sc will fit in with the 19" long monorail, 6 lenses, 10 filmholders, bag bellows, etc), which I carry occosionly on trips, around 1km ascending up to hills, whole day. As it is a soft case, I cannot stand on it, so I gotta carry a small camping chair for this purpuse.
For other purpuse I would use another kinda bag/case.

20-Sep-2011, 00:41
I use a BPX backpack made by f.64 for the field cameras. It holds a camera plus ten lenses, filters, and accessories.

Filmholders go in external cases/pouches, six per. Two cases are supplied with the BPX, and additional ones can be purchased.

The monorails are all in original hard cases from the camera manufacturers.

- Leigh

20-Sep-2011, 04:20
Thanks everyone. I have Tachihara 4x5 camera with two sheet backs, two lenses(210/150mm), a dark cloth and few filters etc. Yes. I also want something I can fly with. I would prefer hard case but soft is also an option.

20-Sep-2011, 05:18
I use a billingham bag for my 5x4 Gandolfi 2x lenses and all sorts of stuff. It is a soft bag which is a lot more user friendly than a hard case and is fine to go on flights as hand luggage

Link is


Robert Hughes
20-Sep-2011, 07:28
I use one of the kids' padded backpacks that's not cool enough for school anymore. It is big enough to carry my 4x5 Pressman, a 120 folder, a digicam, and sundries. It's a big improvement over the canvas shopping bag I originally used.