View Full Version : 5x7 Portra 160...

18-Sep-2011, 21:53
...Is available at B&H in 50 sheet boxes.

I placed my order this Morning for a box, and got notification it's prepped for shipment, so it seems to be real. Woot!

// Wally

Michael Cienfuegos
18-Sep-2011, 22:53
Woo! woo! That stuff ain't cheep! Think I'll stick to B&W for my 5x7:(. I'm lad it is still available, though.

19-Sep-2011, 03:29
woah. not cheap.


Noah A
19-Sep-2011, 06:20
Definitely not cheap in 5x7, but it's a great film. I've been using it in 4x5 and it's beautiful. I only wish they'd sell the 4x5 in 50-sheet boxes, makes traveling much easier.

If I did shoot 5x7, I'd much rather pay the premium than cut down 8x10.