View Full Version : Anyway to get around using the Polaroid 8x10 processor?

Mike Tyler
29-Apr-2002, 10:39
I'm new to the 8x10 format and would love to experiment with several old boxes o f Polaroid 8x10 transparency film. Something about those monster processors, whi ch I've been told also work manually, makes me want to get around owning one(the y seem to almost defeat the purpose of Polaroids, especially in the field). Has anyone ever devised an alternative, some kind of simple brush rollers; a field ' wringer".

Thanks very much, Mike Tyler

Donald Brewster
29-Apr-2002, 10:48
I believe Calument sells a field processor.

Mike Tyler
29-Apr-2002, 11:16
Thanks for your answer...indeed Calumet does make a 8x10 Polaroid Manual Processor(see Calumet site).

Calumet: "Proof 8x10 Polaroid anywhere indoors or out.A manual crank gently transports film across stainless steel rollers.Handles color and black- and-white 8x10 Polaroid film. Weighs only 5.5 lbs. (2.5kg), which is 75% less than other processors. Rugged ABS plastic housing and convenient carrying handle make it easy to take anywhere.Folds to 4 3/ 4(h) x 17(l) x 12 3/4(w)" (12 x 43 x 32cm). Requires: Polaroid 8x10 Film Holder. Does not require loading tray."

Does anyone have any experience with this device or know others?

Thanks again, Mike Tyler

Stewart Ethier
29-Apr-2002, 11:40
I've got one of the Calumet Polaroid manual processors. It works very well and is very reliable. On the other hand it is quite bulky and might not be suitable for backpacking. Also, it is not very intuitive so I have to reread the instructions every time I use it.