View Full Version : Cambo Master PC Problem

John Conway
18-Sep-2011, 06:44
I just picked up a nice Cambo Master PC. The camera sat a while so I did a really intense cleaning and overall check on all the mechanicals. Everything is great except there is one issue with one of the standards. After everything is locked down, the standard rocks back and forth slightly. I think it has something to do with the lateral shift lock lever, because the movement seems to be an up and down from that side, just above the lateral lock. I figured I would ask if anyone has had this problem before I take it apart.

John Conway
19-Sep-2011, 19:06
I found the problem........ I removed the two scale plates(three tiny screws each) on the standard. On one side, there are three more tiny screws. These three screws were loose. When I tightened them, the shift movement was not possible. I backed off the screws just a bit, and that did it. Now I can sleep.

19-Sep-2011, 23:57
thanks for the info. I am looking at getting a cambo MASTER too. I am currently using the Cambo 4x5 and is faced with several disappointments.

- the front and rear standards cannot get close to each other. Some problem with using wide angle lens.
- the 1"x1" square is too long and cannot be attached and detached.
- There is no lock focusing knob. When shooting from top down ( flower shot ), the camera moves !!!

The cambo master seems to be very sophisticated, lots of knobs are available it seems. How heavy is this cam ?


John Conway
20-Sep-2011, 14:35
It is what some people would consider heavy, about 17lbs I would say. But, it depends on what a person considers heavy. I work in heavy rigging as my day job.I did iron work and fabrication for many years. To me, the Cambo Master is light. The Master PC is now my favorite camera. It is built like a panzer tank , but she has real smooth, silky controls. When I was doing research on the camera, the weight issue came up a lot.People comment about having to carry it in the field. I guess if someone is seeking a lightweight camera for field use, the Master would be on the hefty side for them.