View Full Version : Rodenstock Klimsch APO-Ronar??

Bob Farr
17-Sep-2011, 15:57
I have this lens and know little about it. Have used it for ULF camera, 19 inch focal length, and can find nothing on the Rodenstock site about it. Do any of you have any information on this lens??

Thanks for looking,

Bob Salomon
17-Sep-2011, 16:03
What do you want to know? It was sold by Klimsch for use on their process camera for 1:1 or so reproductions at f32. That slot was for graphic arts drop-in accessories.

Bob Farr
17-Sep-2011, 17:59
Hi Bob,

I was wondering how it would perform as a camera lens? If it was designed for 1:1 work, how would it do with landscapes at infinity? And, is it a contrasty lens? Also, it is already in an Ilex 5 shutter.


18-Sep-2011, 02:12
There's plenty of information about the APO-Ronar lenses on the forum you can find it by using the search function. :)

Bob Farr
18-Sep-2011, 09:51
Thanks, have done some looking at the posts and gotten some good information.