View Full Version : A thrift store visit and $23 later...

K. Praslowicz
16-Sep-2011, 16:48
...I know own these guys. Anyone know anything about them? Neither say Darlot or any other word on them I'd know to mean big money, or have slots for stops. But for some cheap projector lenses, probably some fun to be had.

1. No markings other than the word "Enterprise". Appears to be missing the rear element, and wobbles quite a bit in it's chasis.


2. 3 3/8th" cko? This one is in excellent shape. A tiny nick on the edge of the rear element is about it. Rack & pinion is very smooth.


Next step: get them on some boards.

Jay DeFehr
16-Sep-2011, 17:26
The second is a Kodak. I love that logo.

Jay DeFehr
16-Sep-2011, 18:09

Maybe I'm wrong, I was thinking of this one.

K. Praslowicz
16-Sep-2011, 18:28
Well, whatever it is, it appears it would be able to barely cover a 6x6 negative by looking at the circle on a ground glass. Not as much fun as I was hoping. :D I'll still try it though.

Jay DeFehr
16-Sep-2011, 18:41
It looks like a projector lens. Is there an aperture?

Steven Tribe
18-Sep-2011, 12:50
I recall Enterprise as a major magic lantern maker (like Edison Manufacturing?).
If the remaining lens is the front cell achromat, you will find this will have ample coverage for most formats when it is removed from the barrel (as a meniscus landscape lens).