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Kevin M Bourque
24-Apr-2002, 15:52
Hi All ?

I wasn?t quite sure where to post this, so forgive me if it?s slightly outside t he bounds of the forum.

I?m looking for suggestions for mounting and mat board. I print on Ilford MG an d Ilford Warm Tone almost exclusively. I tone both in selenium, and actually ge t the MG to shift tone somewhat.

I?ve been using the ?natural white? from Light Impressions. It?s slightly warm, and it?s often a nice compliment to a cool tone print. Sometimes it very much not the right thing, though.

I?ll let you know up front that I really don?t like the ?bright white? surfaces. They hurt my eyes. Too stark. I spend more time squinting at the mat than I do looking at the print. So I guess I?m looking for something with a little den sity to it, but not an obvious color (although a little is OK). I know you can get a sampler pack from most places, but I wanted to gain the benefit of your ex perience before I went any further.

Thanks, as always.

24-Apr-2002, 16:01
Try Superior Archival Mats at http://www.superiorarchivalmats.com/

Michael A.Smith
27-Apr-2002, 23:13
Email Superior at info@superiorarchivalmats.com or call them at 1-888- 857-1722. They'll send a sample pack upon request. They have 7 shades of bright white to cream if I remember correctly. Paula and I like the plain "white." It is not harsh like the Bright White.

The board that Superior has is truly superior. Wonderful surface and it is more archival than Light Impressions board and others.

Michael A. Smith