View Full Version : 8x10 rail kits

Jeff Clark
19-Mar-2002, 20:15
In the next couple of months, I'm going to be making the jump from 6x7 to 8x10 a nd have been looking for kits. So, if anyone has any pointers as to good 8x10 ra il kits, I'd appreciate it. Thank you, Jeff.

Ellis Vener
19-Mar-2002, 20:48
Sinar P2 or Arca-Swiss 8x10 FC or 8x10 M. If you can find a Sinar 8x10 that is not worn out that is a good place to start. make sure it has the heavy duty 8x10 Rear function carrier, which is squaterthan the standard rear function carrier.

Per Volquartz
19-Mar-2002, 21:30
For studio use there is only one camera:

Sinar P2!!!

Ed Burlew
20-Mar-2002, 09:01
I use a F2 Sinar because of the tilt and depth of feild calculator. It is great and I got it for alot less thatn the P2. You have to get two rail clamps to keep any Sinar 8x10 stabilized, don't let anyone fool you about that FACT

andrea milano
20-Mar-2002, 13:53
Hi Jeff! What do you exactly mean by "Kit", would yo by any chance want to build your own 8x10? In that case , once upon a time there was the "BENDER" camera, try that! http://www.benderphoto.com/ greetings