View Full Version : performance of apo symmar 210 f5.6 for cloce ups

18-Mar-2002, 16:31
I understand that some lenses can give dissapointing results whan used for close focusing at around 1/2 life size to life size. Would this be the case with the Schneider apo symmar 210mm f5.6, even though its apochromatic? For general and macro use in 6x7cm 5x4in and maybe 5x7in.

Per Volquartz
18-Mar-2002, 16:43
An Apo Macro Sironar or an Apo Ronar would be somewhat sharper...

Pete Andrews
19-Mar-2002, 07:54
It's spherical aberration that reduces image quality when a lens is used outside of its designed working distance. Since an 'apo' lens only has better correction of chromatic errors, its ability to focus closely isn't much different from non-apo lenses.A graphic-arts or copying lens, or an enlarging lens used on the camera, will easily outperform any general purpose camera lens at macro distances.