View Full Version : Toyo 45CF... real or vaporware?

Glenn Kroeger
24-Apr-2002, 09:35
Two years ago, Toyo showed the 45CF carbon fiber bodied field camera. There is a Swedish camera site that has info on the camera, but I cannot locate any inform ation from Toyo in Japan, or Mamiya-Toyo in the USA. Does anybody, particularly outside the U.S., know if this camera is actually being sold anywhere?

scott jones
24-Apr-2002, 10:22
The camera exists, I have seen a prototype, apparently the decision to put it into production at least in the US has not been made yet. I have no other info.


Bjorn Nilsson
24-Apr-2002, 17:17
Yes, it is being sold from that Swedish company Dito Photoproffs AB (www.dito.se) which you probably refer to. (Click on "Senaste nyheterna har" and browse down to the camera. There is also a link to "Toyo" by that piece of news, which leads to some more data about the 45CF and the other foldable Toyos.) And you don't have to be a "swedish chef" in order to look at a picture and read figures. :-) I saw it, "cuddled" it for a while and was offered to buy one at the spot. The main impression was that it was very light, not much more than a Hasselblad. Because of this my first feeling was that this camera must be flimsy, but considering that carbon fiber tripods are very sturdy, not to mention Formula 1 cars, it is probably just a matter of learning to really trust the material. (I don't remember the exact price, but I think that it was around $1700 inclusive the 25% swedish VAT.) I do agree that there is very little "noice" about the camera which I think would sell quite good if introduced to a broader audience. If light weight was the main issue for me this camera would be a very strong alternative.

Ed Candland
25-Apr-2002, 00:49
Just looked at that web site. More movements almost half the weight. You'd think they would sell like hotcakes...

Kenji itoh
25-Apr-2002, 02:16
Its being sold in Japan for 158,000 yen (cf. Toyo Field 45A2 for 205,000 yen). Both Toyo 45A board and Linhof board version are available at the same price. Plastic body with metal frames and parts where rigidity required. 1.55kg (cf. 45A2 is 2.8kg). Focusing hood optional. 90 to 400mm teletype lens can be applied.

Flange back distance 80 - 360mm Front rise 28.5mm Front fall 20.5mm Front shift 27.0mm Front swing 20 degree Front tilt 15 degree Rear tilt 15 degree 201mm (H) x 177mm (W) x 102mm (T) 1.55kg

You can review the photos here. It's Toyo's homepage in Japanese but don't care. No transrator is needed to review photos. Cheers.


tim atherton
25-Apr-2002, 13:51