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Kevin Crisp
12-Sep-2011, 17:15
I acquired one of these. To me the gg/fresnel set up looks off, even though the original Calumet purchaser swears he never altered it. As it stands now, facing the photograph is a clear piece of cover glass. Underneath that (facing the inside of the camera) is a gg/fresnel of plastic, with the grooves facing to the rear toward the photographer. The plastic washers that are supposed to hold all of this is look backwards to me too, with the grooves facing away from the gg. (I didn't explain that well, see photo.) With the exception of the Graflok back, I'm used to seeing the Fresnel grooves facing forward.

If you're familiar with the way this is supposed to be, let me know. Otherwise I'll shoot film through it to try and figure it out.

Thanks in advance for your help.

12-Sep-2011, 17:30
I got mine new from calumet---the 8x10 version

the camera came with a gg and no fresnel--the fresnel was an customer add-on that I got and never used because I got a "brite screen"

them screws look stock, but you are correct about the plastic keepers--they are certainly backwards.

That being said--the guy probably bought it with the option installed by someone at calumet--maybe the assembler at the store didn't know what he was doing....yeah...if it don't look right, it probably ain't. I only recall these being sold with GG only--no fresnel....

checking my calumet catalog from 2000, when I bought my camera, confirms that the camera came stock with a gg only--there is a "4x5 fresnel screen" ofered for the customer to buy--but NOT an installed option---the description reads "This exceptionally bright fresnel focusing screen includes a clear protection glass and replaces the standard ground glass".

I bought the 8x10 brite screen/fresnel option myself and found that the screen did NOT fit with the keepers the correct way--in other words--the keepers were designed for the thick stock GG---my camera has the bright/fresnel installed with the keepers in the proper position BUT I stuck paper matches to provide the grip due to the bright screen being thinner.....

try spinning one of the keepers around and see if it fits..if it don't you can stick a match in there like I did.

You should be ok, in other words, if the glass is installed the correct way...I got mine dull/frosted facing inside.

Kevin Crisp
12-Sep-2011, 17:38
So basically the fresnel/gg is in backwards, and the fasteners are in backwards. That was my guess. I'll change it around but I'm still going to test it before I take it anywhere.



Kevin Crisp
12-Sep-2011, 18:12
You know it is slowly coming back to me from my original purchase of a pre-Calumet camera. I think when you ordered the fresnel is came with instructions and you put it on yourself. I think the prior owner winged it.

Bill McMannis
12-Sep-2011, 18:17
So basically the fresnel/gg is in backwards, and the fasteners are in backwards. That was my guess. I'll change it around but I'm still going to test it before I take it anywhere.



I had purchase a used Zone VI a few years back from Midwest Photo Exchange (and sold it less than a year later). It came with the fresnel installed. I am going from memory, but it does look like the nylon discs are upside down.

13-Sep-2011, 03:20
no..if the dull side of the glass it toward the lens, then you're ok---I'm thinking it's installed as correctly as possible using the stock plastick keepers..the only thing backwards is the keepers---focus on something at infinity and shoot a test shot and see if it's sharp to confirm....

I have my camera instructions but I don't know if I have instructions for the glass--I have the boxes from beattie britescreen here that I found, but no instructions in them...but that dont' mean I didn't put them with the rest of the docs for safe keeping.....too many moves....blah...too many things I have.

13-Sep-2011, 04:11
Fresnel is in the right way. The Fresnel used by Zone VI has a frosted side and the cut side (lens). The frosted side goes towards the lens. The plastic keeper is in backwards. If it is holding leave it along.

Kevin Crisp
13-Sep-2011, 07:01
Thanks Richard for your authoritative reply!