View Full Version : 4x10 sleeves

john wilton
12-Sep-2011, 13:11
There was a reference to a supplier of 4x10 poly sleeves for 4x10 negatives (in 500+ quantities), but for the life of me I can't find it again. Help!

12-Sep-2011, 14:36
Jim Becia sold me some a while back. He may have the source.

12-Sep-2011, 14:39
I'd be curious to find the source as well :-)

Keith Pitman
12-Sep-2011, 16:29
I bought some of the sleeves, but can't find the name of the supplier either. I'll keep looking. I do remember that the supplier is in Tennessee.

Keith Pitman
12-Sep-2011, 16:33
Just came to me: Climax Photo: