View Full Version : Sinar norma 8x10 lightweight carrier

12-Sep-2011, 03:42

does anyone know, what the front carrier of this (http://www.fr.ricardo.ch/acheter/photo-et-optique/autres-appareils-de-photo/grand-format/sinar-norma-8x10-20x25cm-symmar-s-240mm-complet/v/an652226456/) sinar norma 8x10 is? It looks very small and light.


12-Sep-2011, 03:48
It looks like one of those carriers that you use to extend bellows draw by putting together two bellows. It's not the correct carrier/front standard. As far as I know, at least.

Frank Petronio
12-Sep-2011, 04:31
What Jimi said.... That is the intermediate standard, used to connect two bellows together or to serve as the front of a lenshade. It does not have the strength to hold a lens and make fine movements securely.

Struan Gray
12-Sep-2011, 05:03
My intermediate standard will hold a compact 2 kg lens, but it's a royal pain to use. A big lens, like an old portrait objective, will be too much - in particular, the Norma intermediate standard has only a simple friction lock for tilt.

On the other hand, if you already have a 4x5 Norma, the outfit pictured would round out the set nicely. You could just use the 4x5 front standard for normal focal lengths. The intermediate standard comes in handy when you want to use long extensions, or for a matte box lenshood. I also use mine if I'm going to be working a lot with the rear viewer on a bellows.

PS: one of the photos shows a black F standard of some type. It's possible the seller has just put it together improperly for the pictures of the whole camera. I don't know enough about the F models to say if that's a 'real' front standard or another intermediate.

16-Sep-2011, 19:08
I have a spare Norma 4X5 front standard if you are interested. The intermediate standards are useful. The black F style standard is also an intermediate piece. No gear driven focus.
Overall this rig is reasonably lightweight for all the control.

Daniel Unkefer
18-Sep-2011, 12:01
The Norma Intermediate Standard does -NOT- make a good front standard in my experience. I once picked up the very setup shown here, because the former owner was angry when he found out what it really was, and was ready to sell it after using it for a bit.

But the parts are all there, it's definately worth buying. But get a Norma front standard to complete the camera.