View Full Version : Sheet film holders for 9x12 Kodak Recomar cameras

11-Sep-2011, 21:25
I just purchased a nice Kodak Recomar 9x12 film camera. I have been searching for additional sheet film holders with little success. I've heard film holders for the Zeiss, Russian and Voigtlander cameras will work, but so far I haven't found any. Other than ebay, are there alternate sources for these film holders that I should look at? Will a 4x5 film holder work? Would appreciate any suggestions.

11-Sep-2011, 23:08
Maybe this guy has something. I've no experience with him, but it's worth a shot. I think yours is a Recomar 33.


12-Sep-2011, 16:00
Thanks, it is a Recomar 33. I'll follow up on your suggestion.

13-Sep-2011, 02:19
You may want to post a photo of what your film holder looks like.

You may also want to list a Wanted ad in the classified section. Some of the folks on this site are rat packs..... I mean collectors :D

Then again, I might just have some of these holders too. Some of my friends and family think I am a rat pack. Like it's possible to have too much photo gear. :rolleyes:

13-Sep-2011, 20:50
Good suggestion, I'll try to get that photo posted.

13-Sep-2011, 23:39
By the way, are there 4x5 sheet film holders that can be adapted for use on a Recomar 33 camera?

16-Sep-2011, 14:30
By the way, Manfred has been very helpful and did have the necessary film holders.


16-Sep-2011, 22:12
Good to hear it all worked out! :)