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Enrique Vila
22-Apr-2002, 14:58

I own an Angulon 90/6.8 but am considering changing it for a Super Angulon 90/8 or 90/5.6.

My question is, is there a big difference on this lenses for landscape work?

I would like to hear opinions from fellows who have experience with either/both lenses.


Jerry Flynn
22-Apr-2002, 15:30
The Super Angulons will give better sharpness, better coverage (the f/5.6 will cover 5X7), and better edge sharpness.

This all comes with orders of magnatude greater size and weight. I belive the 90mm Angulon takes a 40.5mm filter, for example, while the f/5.6 Super Angulon takes 105mm(?).

I use the Angulon because of size and weight, but do not ever try to push it beyond its limited coverage.

Mark Sampson
22-Apr-2002, 15:34
The Super-Angulons are physically much larger and have much greater coverage, allowing more camera movement. They've also been in production for 35 years or more so there are (chrome) single-coated models and newer (black) multi-coated versions, and the newest XL series as well. A big contrast/color rendition difference between old and new. The newer ones are awesome.

22-Apr-2002, 17:37
Hi, Enrique. You say "I own an Angulon 90/6.8 but am considering changing it for a Super Angulon 90/8 or 90/5.6."

I guess the real question here is: Exactly why are you considering changing lenses? Is there something your Angulon is not doing to your satisfaction? Are you running out of coverage, or are the corners a bit soft when you push it? If so, then you'd probably benefit from the upgrade. But if not, I say enjoy your small and light lens (with it's small, light, and inexpensive filters!).

BTW, I have the f/8 90mm SA (modern version) and really like it. And the 67mm filters it takes are manageable, but unless I was doing architecture or some other movement-intensive work I don't know that I'd pay to upgrade from your current lens to this one. Most of my landscape photos don't require much movement. Your style may be different, of course.


William Gnech
23-Apr-2002, 00:06
As a Architectural photographer out of Chicago, I use the 47mmXL, 58mmXL, 72mmXL, 90mmXL with center-filters on all of them. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Colin Carron
23-Apr-2002, 07:03
I use an Angulon 90/f6.8 (c 1958) and a Super Angulon 65/f8 (c1966). On to roll film the 65 mm is about the same equivalent focal length as the 90mm on 5x4.

I find that for architectural shots I have to be careful that I do not run into the Angulon 'soft' area when using a fair amount of movement. The S/A is IMHO sharper overall (could be age of the Angulon) , has no soft area but is less bright to focus.

For landscapes I really like the compactness and lightness of the Angulon and its extra brightness on the viewing screen over the S/A. I am thinking about acquiring a more recent 90/f6.8 grandagon as a best compromise.

David Grandy
23-Apr-2002, 14:34
"The Super-Angulons [have been in] production for 35 years or more so there are (chrome) single-coated models and newer (black) multi- coated versions ..."

Mark, I have a black 90 mm SA and it is NOT multicoated - although I wish that it were. On Schneider lenses if you don't see "MC" inscribed on the lens then it's not multicoated.

Ted Harris
24-Apr-2002, 11:12
First, you do need to ask yourself why you want to change. Assuming yoru answer to that question is that you are dissatisfied ( lack of contrast, lack of sharpness, etc.) with the results you rae getting with your Angulon then you should consider other options;

I have owned a 65mm Angulon, 90 mm Angulon and 120 mm Angulon. they are all long gone, all replaced with more modern lenses with superior coverage, contrast and beter color rendition. Today my wide angles consist of a 75 mm f5.6 Super Angulon, 90 mm f6.3 Grandagon and 110 Super Symmar XL.

As others have already mentioned there rae major price differences and weight differences between the Super angulon's and angulons. For that you get superior performance ... in some situations ... and superior coverage. If you shoot only black and white, if you do not use extreme movements .. if you are not dissatisfied with the contrast of your lens then keep it! If you have problems with any of these aspects of its performance then replace it. don't limit yoru search to Super Angulon's alone ... think also about Caltars, Grandagon's, Nikkors and Fujinons. Check out the slower lenses for srue and if you have no trouble focusing them then save the money and weight for sometthing else.

To me the most important difference in the more modern lenses for landscapes is their sharpness and contrast, seldom do I use or need all the additional coverage. OTOH I still have a number of pictures in my poertfolio thta were taken with the 120 Angulon and the 90 Angulon.