View Full Version : Can someone ID this viewer

10-Sep-2011, 20:06


no markings at all... fits Horseman L, and I'm guessing Sinar too??

(trying to sell it)

Jim C.
14-Sep-2011, 18:21
It's a Nicolaysen ;)

Sorry couldn't resist, at first glance I thought it was a view finder from a Polaroid MP set up but it's not, perhaps a shot of the side that connects to the ground glass might help in identifying it. It looks too well made to not have some sort of nameplate or marking denoting manufacturer.

14-Sep-2011, 20:26
That's a Toyo reflex viewer. Or the spitting image of one. Normally there would be a Toyo nameplate just to the right of the person's name on this one.

I've got one for my Toyo 45AX and I really like it. The downside it is quite bulky - it's lightweight though.