View Full Version : Kowa/Computar 240mm Spacer Thickness?

Steve Hamley
10-Sep-2011, 14:08

Does anyone know how thick the spacer is that came with the 240mm Kowa/Computar lenses for infinity use?

If you know the thickness for other focal lengths of process lenses I'd be interested in that too for comparison sake.

Thanks! Steve

Michael Kadillak
10-Sep-2011, 18:26
I would think that a quick call to Adam at SK Grimes would provide you with this spacer thickness specification and the reason for adding it. I know that they put my Computar 240 in shutter including the spacer. My spacer measures 0.062" and is located between the back side of the shutter and the rear lens element.

John Schneider
10-Sep-2011, 21:58
My spacers for the 240 and 270 Computar both measure 0.062 as well. If you have the original barrel you'll see that the barrel positions the cells 0.062 farther apart than the cells in a shutter, hence the spacer.

Steve Hamley
11-Sep-2011, 07:09
Thanks Michael and John,

Cheers, Steve