View Full Version : Burke & James ORBITAR infos

10-Sep-2011, 09:15
HI all,
searching for the most strange cameras I've found this model, 3x4 4x5 8x10 versions, I think is a mid 50 years camera.
I'd like to know which type and focal lenses can be mounted on the camera and something about the helical focusing.
Also, the camera has the Graflok type back?
Anyone have experience with the camera or can tell me some more infos?
There is one on the auction site at the moment, too expensive but it seems in good conditions.
Looking for the manual also.
Thanks as always.

John Schneider
10-Sep-2011, 10:42

This is about the clunkiest P&S camera ever made. The shifting mechanism is rudimentary, the permanently-mounted 65 f8 S-A is in a coarse focusing mount, and the back is more befitting an old wooden camera. Get a Cambo Wide, Gaoersi, Fotoman, Globuscope, Hobo, etc.