View Full Version : New forum member needs light leak advice

9-Sep-2011, 01:30
Hi, I'm new to this forum but would really like some thoughts from others on what is causing my light leak. I have an Ebony SW45 and recently it has started to occasionally have a light leak. It often happens taking 4 or 5 shots of the same scene and then is fine on other scenes. Please take a look at these images and see if you think you know what is wrong. Originally I thought it was the film holder but I bought new ones and it still happened. Somebody has suggested it is where the bellows meets the body or the back spring.

Many thanks!

9-Sep-2011, 01:35
The spring back, my guess. Probably sloppy work when using the dark slide.

Greg Lockrey
9-Sep-2011, 06:08
I'd look for some dirt on the film back and/or that the film holder is not seated firmly in the back.

E. von Hoegh
9-Sep-2011, 08:03
Filmholder not seating, weak springs on the GG panel, or carelessness when removing inserting the darkslide.

I hold the GG panel/filmholder tightly against the camera body when removing or inserting the slide. Just pinch them together with your thumb and fore finger.

9-Sep-2011, 08:27
technically, the film holder against the spring back is the weakest point of the light tight chain - dark slide-spring back- bellows-front standard with a lens board. Simply because the film holder is not attached firmly (must be detachable) and cannot be entirely seated on felt (to maintain the correct registration). So you have a hard surface against a hard surface and if the pressure is not constant a light leak is very probable. Something to remember when taking pictures - the back is more vulnerable than the rest. The dark slide must be treated gently.

9-Sep-2011, 12:07
Thanks very for the replies. I've also had replies from Robert White and Ebony.
They both believe it to be the holder nit sitting in the right position. This does sound the most plausible theory. I was thinking that it must be user error because it was happening occasionally and with certain scenes. Four shots where it happened in one shoot was where I was crouching down and pulling the darkslide from below, thus maybe pulling on the back and causing a leak. Ironically the new Toyo darkslides I have bought are very stiff to pull in and out, the leaks have been happening more with these than any others. I shall test my theory out next week and concentrate on pinching the back towards the camera body when pulling the darkslide. Many thanks!

E. von Hoegh
9-Sep-2011, 12:17
I'll bet five units of whichever currency you use, that pinching the GG panel-filmholder-camera back together will solve the problem.:)
It would be best, of course, to pinch the end with the darkslide....;)