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Mike 73
8-Sep-2011, 20:55
Hello All,

I just purchased a Technika Master 4x5. I have two lenses from a Toyo monorail, a Nikkor-SW 90mm f4.5 and a Nikkor-W 210mm f5.6.

The 90 uses a copal #0 shutter, and the 210 a copal #1 shutter.

I'm assuming that to mount these on my Technika, I simply need to buy a copal #0 and copal #1 lensboard. However, are there any other things to consider? Do I need a recessed lensboard for the 90mm?

Also, from searching online, it appears that lensboards don't all have the hole in the center of the lensboard. I'm assuming there is a reason for this, but I don't know how it may apply to my lenses, or if I should be concerned.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! (I'm a noob to 4x5)


Jim Graves
9-Sep-2011, 00:36
Mike ... here's a link to an earlier discussion on this forum that may answer most of your questions: LINK (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=78413&highlight=Technika)

Bob Salomon
9-Sep-2011, 06:04
For a Master Technika Classic, 2000 or Master Technika 3000 the correct lensboard for a 90mm lens in a 0 shutter is the 001015 Comfort board. For a 210mm in a 1 shutter the proper board is the 001026 board.

Since these are Linhof manufactured boards for the Technika, TK and Techno cameras the hole is in the proper position to ensure that the center of the lens is centered on the center of the ground glass when all controls are at the 0 position. That means that the hole is low on the board. A hole in any other position would not properly center the lens on these cameras. The only exception to this hole position is the 001059z and 001119z boards. These have centered holes (center in German is spelled with a z) so that the 300mm Apo Symmar L and 400mm Apo Tel Xenar (--1119z) and the 300mm Apo Sironar S (001159z) can be mounted on the camera. On these lenses the rear group behind the shutter will not allow the len board to lock onto the front standard so the hole was moved up for clearence purposes on the Technika cameras. If you use these lenses on the TK cameras you would use the regular 001119 and 001159 boards (without the z) as clearence is not a problem on that camera.

Mike 73
9-Sep-2011, 20:12
Jim - thanks for the link, the info there is extremely helpful!

Bob - thanks for the specifics for my lenses and additional info, exactly what I needed.