View Full Version : Speed Graphic shutter locked up

8-Sep-2011, 16:50
The shutter on my Speed Graphic locked up. Is this something I can repair ? If not, who can I send it ? I'm in Iowa, midway from all. thanks--tom

8-Sep-2011, 17:15
The shutter on the Speed has a lock-up function, to enable use of the lens shutters.

Did you perhaps engage that accidentally?

The manual should be available at www.graflex.org

- Leigh

8-Sep-2011, 18:03
I should have explained more clearly,my goof. It is the lens shutter that is locked up

8-Sep-2011, 19:18
Which shutter is it? Supermatic or Graphex? Locked up how? Gummed up or jammed somehow?

You could try Flutot's (Carol Miller).


9-Sep-2011, 17:11
The shutter is a Graphex. Locked up on the T setting. I cocked it, tried to release the shutter and it wouldn't release.So I figure its jammed? Tried everything I could think of doing.Might have found a person to work on it.

Jon Shiu
9-Sep-2011, 17:44
there's instructions on cleaning it:


Wayne Crider
9-Sep-2011, 18:56
If it's a rim set shutter dial try moving the dial towards a higher speed.

10-Sep-2011, 03:26
Thanks for all the suggestions. Think I'll do a CLA, that way it should be good for a few years-if its repairable.. thanks--tom