View Full Version : What is your favorite LF portrait lens

Paul Minkus
18-Apr-2002, 11:11
I have a new 6x9 view camera and am trying to set up a 3 lens kit. I am interested in what focal length in either the 4x5 or 6x9 format you conside r your favorite for portrait work. My current lenses are 55mm & 100mm. Also, is there a lens to complete my "kit" that you think would be best for both portrait and landscape. Feel free to recommend a particular lens. Thanks to all the fine people on this enjoyable LF forum for your opinions.

Jeff Buckels
18-Apr-2002, 11:23
The Rodenstock Imagon 250mm is in my opinion the best bet. I have a 300mm I use w/ 5x7. Good alternative is the Wollensak Verito, the ten-inch being the size you'd want, I believe. It's easier to find an Imagon 250 in good condition. Either lens is rather expensive in good condition. If you get the Imagon, make sure and get the complete kit -- i.e., lens, disks, filters, box. Don't get a partial kit and figure to go looking for the missing elements -- that's very hard. -jb

Per Volquartz
18-Apr-2002, 11:50
No favorite. The choice of lens depends on the subject matter and the way you look at the subject matter.

Bob Salomon
18-Apr-2002, 11:55
The 200mm Imagon is optimized for 6x9cm cameras.

Jim Galli
18-Apr-2002, 14:52
I would consider a 21cm Heliar. Nice affordable older lens that should be great for head and shoulders on 6X9. F4.5 aperture.

Enrique Vila
18-Apr-2002, 15:57
I use a Schneider Tele-Xenar 240, but in general conditions a 210mm or a 240mm should be ok...

David A. Goldfarb
18-Apr-2002, 17:05
I'm also partial to Heliars for portraits.

Chris Ellinger
19-Apr-2002, 09:59
I use a 210mm in a Copal Press shutter for 6x7 portraits. The Copal Press shutt er has advantages for portraits: it is self-cocking, opens to maximum aperture for viewing, and can be opened with a cable release. So, an exposure can be mad e a few seconds after focusing, without touching the shutter or aperture control s.

Bob Salomon
19-Apr-2002, 10:17
And it has a big limitation for some. Fastest shutter speed is limited to 1/125.

"The Copal Press shutter has advantages for portraits: it is self- cocking, opens to maximum aperture for viewing, and can be opened with a cable release"

Chris Ellinger
19-Apr-2002, 10:42
My experience has been that I only dream of using a shutter speed faster than 1/ 125 for natural light portraits, and it is not an issue for studio strobes.


Jim Galli
19-Apr-2002, 14:02
Seems to me a shutter speed faster than 125 is a non issue for portraiture since your lights will be defining the speed.