View Full Version : Bausch and Lomb 10" Petzval???

7-Sep-2011, 12:48
I am just recently getting into collecting and selling antique camera equipment. I recently picked up an old Bausch and lomb (what I think) is a projector lens. Can anyone give me some information on this and what it is used for today?

Thank you so much for any input!

Richard Rankin
7-Sep-2011, 13:55
That's a camera lens. I can't read it from the small photos, but its probably an f5 petzval if it is 10". Maybe for 5x7 or whole plate originally, but by modern usage will likely cover or nearly cover 8x10 at portrait distance.


7-Sep-2011, 14:01
I can't find the lens anywhere online. The plate says f-5 Eq. Foc. 10 In. Then under the Bausch and Lomb insignia the number is 985557.

Any suggestions on how to track it down? Or value?

Thanks again!

Or do you have an idea of era?

Richard Rankin
7-Sep-2011, 14:05
You can search the classifieds here for possible prices and completed sales on Ebay. And start reading here: http://antiquecameras.net/


7-Sep-2011, 14:56
If anyone has an old advertisement for it, it will be Dan who writes the link above. B&L and Wollensak made similar portrait Petzvals for a decade or two, they are great lenses, but don't command the highest prices of some of the other makes, for some reason.