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Duane Polcou
6-Sep-2011, 21:52

Can a Schneider 360mm 5.5 Tele Xenar lens in a barrel be mounted into one of the pre-drilled copal hole sizes? If not, what is the appropriate diameter hole to be custom dirlled? Can't find this info.


7-Sep-2011, 05:22
If I'm reading Schneider's data correctly, the f/5.5 360mm Tele Xenar mounts in a No. 3 shutter (Copal or Compur).


That information isn't completely obvious to me, but it may provide enough for others to be more clear.

Rick "who can't find anything in Grimes's new web page" Denney

7-Sep-2011, 05:49
I have a 360mm Tele-Xenar with chrome trim, s/n 5034XXX that came to me in a barrel with a flange with a thread diameter of 60mm. I tried to remount the cells into a Copal #3 shutter and found that they did not fit. Later I found a Compound #3 that fit the lens cells perfectly and mounted using the same flange as my barrel.

Reportedly (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/shutters.html#modern) the mounting hole for a Copal #3 is 64mm which is exactly the size necessary for my flange with its lip. I have had a few of these flanges and they should not be hard to come by. If you have or can find one, (and your Tele-Xenar is similar to mine), then you should be in good shape.

Duane Polcou
8-Sep-2011, 00:34
Thank you. That is the information I needed.

Ole Tjugen
8-Sep-2011, 01:01
If your Tele-Xenar is older, it may be that it was made for a Compound #3 - see my signature line for mounting threads.