View Full Version : JH Dallmeyer Anastigmat f8 10"

6-Sep-2011, 18:51
Just got it. The price was very affordable, the focal length could be useful, and (main selling point) i got very curious about the lens.
The Vademecum gave no meaningful informations, not a single f/8 10" Dallmeyer lens, IIRC.
After getting the lens in my hands, i'm even more confused :)
The serial is 144xxx, so it should be an early thirties production. The F/8 max aperture must be the standard/modern one (i.e. focal/aperture diameter).
I di a quick check for glass reflections: the front cells has six reflections, and the back has three (one faint). Maybe i'm too tired, and there are more than a few chances that i could be wrong, but it looks that there are three air-spaced lenses on the front of the iris, and a cemented doublet at the back.
The only Dallmeyer lenses with "strange" optical prescriptions, that i am aware of, were the Stigmatics. The Vademecum reports many Stigmatic Series, but none with F/8 max aperture. What's more, i have no idea if some Stigmatic lenses were still produced, when my lens was made.
Before i could count the reflections, i had the idea that it was some kind of process or enlarging lens, but the Vademecum does not list anything remotely comparable.

I am sure that there are some Dallmeyer collectors out there :)
Any clue?

have fun