View Full Version : new Wisner lens introduced with the Flight camera

Peter Popp
12-Mar-2002, 12:03
Has anyone had a chance to try the new Wisner lenses being offered with the Flig ht camera. I e-mailed Wisner and was sent the information that was on the websi te, which is this:

Along with the camera are our new, exclusive light weight lenses specifically conceived for this outfit. the Hi-Res Quadruple 210 (shown above on the camera) and the Wide Field Gauss 120. The gauss type was chosen because this lens type is very sharp and has a very flat field over about 85 degrees. The color correction is especially good in these types. This is the same design which was used in the very successful Kodak Wide Field Ektar. The 210 is ideal for this focal length on 4x5, with low spherical aberration and excellent contrast due to its having has only six air-to-glass surfaces. Both lenses are multi coated for excellent contrast results.

The 120 sells for $495 and the 210 for $550. Does anyone know who actually make s these lenses. I am considering purchase of a lens in the 120mm range, and I'm wondering if I should consider this. I'm wondering about covereage too. Any k nowledge you can pass on would be appreciated.


Kevin J. Kolosky
12-Mar-2002, 13:36
I am just guessing, but I know that Mr. Wisner has had Schneider make lenses for him in the past, so I would guess that the two lenses you refer to may be made by them as well. Kevin

12-Mar-2002, 15:12
Maybe Congo? See www.cosmonet.org/~congo/index_e.html

Michael Kadillak
12-Mar-2002, 20:23
Maybe I am missing something here, but Ron has been very up front and center about his lens products in the past (reference the Schneider affiliation mentioned above). Why would he not share the information with you on this subject when asked and everyone in general on their website? The prices themselves seem very reasonable for a modern version of this classic design. Are the lenses available separately or only as part of this package deal?

13-Mar-2002, 03:01
I was over at the Wisner factory about 6 months ago and saw the Flight. It is nice and light and seems uncomplicated and easy to operate. If it came in 5x7 I might buy one. The lenses had no name on them but(when I asked what they were,I was given the answer that they were a major brand) when I looked closer, they had been painted over(black paint over the brand name) to conceal either Osaka,or Congo,I cant remember which one at the moment.Definatly not Schneider or Nikon or Rodenstock.

13-Mar-2002, 19:09
There aren't too many compact 120's being made - my bet is that they are Congo lenses (the prices would seem to confirm that also).

Kevin J. Kolosky
13-Mar-2002, 22:16
And then I guess the question is, who cares what name is on the lens as long as it does what you want it to do?