View Full Version : Dip and Dunk vs Tray Process Labs for B&W

John Rodriguez
6-Sep-2011, 08:42
I have a few sheets of Acros 100 I need to get developed. This is my first time with B&W film, and there are two labs by me. One is a dip and dunk shop where I've been taking my E6 and C41; they've always done a great job. There is also a black and white specialist lab that tray processes and works with several different developers. Cost is higher at B&W lab, but I'm not too concerned about that. Given that I have no idea what the effect of different developers is yet, is there any advantage to going to the B&W specialist lab? I have a range of negatives to be developed, from Normal to +2 if that matters.


6-Sep-2011, 09:00
If the cost is not an issue then why not go to the 'specialist'? - the advantage being that they're 'specialists'? I doubt that a dip-n-dunk color lab is even set up to do bw.

John Rodriguez
6-Sep-2011, 09:19
The "color" lab is set-up for B&W. If what sets the tray process lab apart is the ability to use different developers, yet I don't know their effects yet - are there other advantages I'm not aware of? Cost is not an issue if there is an advantage, however at $3 vs $5 a sheet I'd rather pay $3 if it's all the same.

For anyone that's familiar with them, the two labs in question are Lightwaves and Gamma in San Francisco. I've been taking my color stuff to Lightwaves and have been very happy so far.