View Full Version : Developing by Inspection + ATN Viper

5-Sep-2011, 18:49
If you develop by inspection using an IR viewing device such as an ATN Viper, do you watch the emulsion side or the base side? I tried the base as suggested by Michael A Smith but when I flipped a sheet could see much more on the emulsion side.

Daniel Stone
5-Sep-2011, 18:52
base side


p.s. I develop my sheets EMULSION UP, but when it comes time to inspect, I flip each over in my hands before tripping the footswitch(momentary(only on while depressed) type, connected to green safelight), and then flip in back before putting back in the tray.

EDIT: I don't use a set of goggles, just my eyes. Sorry, but I use efke 100(so no need for goggles like with T-Max), not t-grained films. The methods are still the same though

R Mann
5-Sep-2011, 18:52
I watch both - the base side comes in a little later, so I will make a decision on what I see on that side.

5-Sep-2011, 19:12

Bill Burk
5-Sep-2011, 20:45
I don't actually develop by inspection with my ATN Viper. I develop to time and temperature. But when I see a shot coming in weak I pull out the rest of the batch at the bell, reset the timer and develop the remaining sheet by inspection. When I judge that the time is right I glance at the timer and pull that last sheet.

I watch the emulsion side, but you can be fooled into thinking a negative is fine when it is still too thin. It helps to have a step wedge to watch, and you can make sure that you can clearly see the thinnest steps.