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5-Sep-2011, 17:06
I just aquired a "Kinematic" "45" film holder (made in Wickliffe, OH). It works like a Grafmatic film holder but holds 10 films. Is anyone familiar with this holder? In haven't been able to find any info on it and l'd like to find the instuctions. It's in perfect condition and works great..

I got this from an estate auction of a professional photographer. The film I got with it expired in 1975-1976 so I'm assuming everything hasn't been used since then. They had lots of Graflex equipment and accessories but no press or view cameras. I only won a flash unit and a case holding his film holders and film. The case held the Kinematic, 3 Graflex Film Holders, a Graphic Film Pack Adapter with a film pack (unused) plus another boxed pack, and 2 "RH 10-20" roll film holders. All the film holders are in excellent condition. Almost new condition. All the sheet film holders are loaded with film. I also got rolls of 220 film and sheet film. What is the chance of the unopened film still being usable (It's doubtfull it was ever refrigerated).

>>> Jim

5-Sep-2011, 17:41
Dear Jim,

I have several Kinematics and not a one works. But I haven't given up on them. You are fortunate.

Send me your address via PM and I will send you a photocopy of the instructions. It may take a while so be patient.

6-Sep-2011, 11:11
just go for it on the film IF its B&W go shot for fun knowing that it mite not work
kodak HAD stuf that you could add to help from foging I have process film that was 30 years or more and got soming BUT it was shot back then never shot old film
& process it so I don't know even on old Color film that was shot 20 years ago
can be process in D 76 & some times get soming thing JUST NOT Color as it hard to find some one who has the old tipe for C21 or C27 but Kodak told me to just use D 76
to see what I would get

6-Sep-2011, 14:13
kinematics are pretty good--take 10 shots in the size of a grafmatic.

they work just like a grafmatic pull darkslide out and in...shoot pull big handle out and in--counter advances...do this 10 times and you're cycled through.

these are even simpler than grafmatics so they are easier to fix---just unbend them septums and shoot a little pledge in there to lube it all up and you're in business.

in all fairness, I DO like the grafmatics better---they are smoother and more clicky locky precision-like foolproof

Chauncey Walden
6-Sep-2011, 15:39
I have 3 and they all work. I would have to agree with johnielvis that Grafmatics are slicker and I have a bunch of them also. But, carrying 30 sheets in the 3 Kinematics is a heck of a lot easier than in 15 double dark slides or even in 5 Grafmatics. Curiously, the last Kinematic I ran across came with instructions - ones I had posted on the web years ago! I use Ice Wax (bicycle chain lube which dries hard) on my septa and that makes things smoother.

6-Sep-2011, 16:20
As to the Kinematics, you guy are embarrassing me. I have accumulated 7 so need to learn to make them work. Ice Wax or Pledge may be is needed. I like Grafmatics best also.

7-Sep-2011, 18:13
Another lubricant that should work well is Boeshield T-9. It was developed by the Boeing Company. It's sold in bike shops & boating stores. It leaves a waxy coating. I haven't used it on camera equipment but I use it on my Klepper folding kayak. I was told it would make assemby easier and it does. I spray it on the hinges and other metal parts and it lasts the whole season. See >> http://boeshield.com/

>>> Jim

9-Sep-2011, 12:39
Regarding lubricating the septa, are you all coating the whole underside, or just the edges? I assume that your not putting anything on the face that's directly under the film.

Chauncey Walden
9-Sep-2011, 13:16
For me, basically just the points of contact between the septa themselves and the septa and the springs. The wear points should be obvious. The Ice Wax is not a spray and the application points can be carefully controlled and it dries hard so doesn't migrate.

14-Feb-2013, 17:14
I've got a Kinematic "45" - I've plenty of Grafmatics, but not this - any suggestions on it's use and care -

Daniel Stone
14-Feb-2013, 17:54
do what's already been mentioned and you'll be fine.

I got mine(now sold off when I sold my 4x5 Alpenhause last year) and it was really stiff. A bit of white grease(Krytox???) on the septums, then wipe it off, smooth as butter.

just make sure that the back "clicks" locked when you're advancing film(like johnielvis stated), or you'll keep re-exposing the same sheet.


14-Jun-2019, 07:39
Hello, are Kinematic and Grafmatic 4x5 septums interchangeable? Thanks

Chauncey Walden
14-Jun-2019, 12:53

Jim Noel
14-Jun-2019, 14:52
People generally are scared of old films and paper. I'm not,as I grew up using it. I would try samples of the film to determine how to use it. In my experience the chances are excellent if the user knows how to deal with any possible age fogging, which is probably minimal anyway. Usually a little benzotriazole will take care of any problems.