View Full Version : Turner-Reich Anast. F:7.0 Ser II Question

5-Sep-2011, 16:49
I've been trying to find one or more photos of the camera this lens may have gone with or a lens that looks like the one I acquired recently, but have not found anything that looks exactly like it. It has a wood base piece on it. I listed it on ebay, but with minimal information and I would like to add more to it if possible.


In addition to the title information, this lense has 3 rows of f-stop data based on 25, .7, 19,12, with the .7 being slightly above the 19 (19.7?). Around the outside edge of the top-most lens piece, it says--- EQ 12", 304.8MM, FR. 25", 635MM. There is also a lens on the back that says Turner-Reich 206946, and around the side edges it says "Back 19.7" and 500.4mm". The metal base is numbered also and says B30852 P3. The wood section of the lens has a perfectly carved out section about 1/8" x 1-3/8" on just one side that goes inward in a wedge-point shape. No idea what that's for. Does anyone here know anything about this item or why it has a wooden piece in between the front and back lenses? I listed it at 60 and already have a bidder, but I can still add information to the listing. Any help would be appreciated.

5-Sep-2011, 16:56
I'm the first bidder on it.

It's a Turner-Reich triple convertible anastigmat made by Gundlach. As is, its a 12" lens. Each lens element alone is either 19" or 25" as marked. The metal board is for a Speed Graphic. The piece of wood might be to space the lens a little further out since the camera might not be able to focus that lens otherwise (its bellows are a bit too short).

5-Sep-2011, 17:18
I'm not sure what much of that means, but it's funny that you're my bidder. I have two more questions about this item. Does it go on one of those old accordion cameras? And, I found a little brown sheathed cable contraption in one of the boxes that has a button on one end and a end piece that looks like it screws onto something. Might this belong to one of the two lenses that I have listed on ebay. It looks like it could be one of those things where the old time camera man hid under a black hood and pushed a button on a cable to execute a photo or whatever. I'm going to list it also, after I get the color tanks listed, but would like to know what to call it. I don't have a photo yet, but if it sounds familiar, please let me know. We're going to a movie, but I'll check back tomorrow.